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How can I get a show?

In order to get a show you need to provide the following:
A demo mix (min of 1 hour, hosted on Mixcloud or a similar site)
A brief summary of your DJ (and production, if appropriate) career.
The slot time you want from the Available Slots Page (do not request a slot that is already taken).
Use the Contact page and put “Show Request” clearly in the message title.
We will respond to enquiries asap


There are no free slots. What can I do to get a show?

Unfortunately if you want a show but no free slot is available that you can do we are unable to help.
Our suggestion is to regularly check the Available Slots Page for any openings that you can do and apply as soon as one is free.


Why wont the Chatroom let me in?

There may be a couple of possible reasons for this.
Is your browser up to date?
If it is and the page wont load, then the “Chat Widget” or the “Chat Server” might be temporarily down.
If you are getting a message saying your IP is banned follow the onscreen instructions to get the ban removed.


I’d like to support Sub FM, how can I contribute?

Thanks! If you would like to support the station please purchase some of our Merchandise


I have another question

No problem, jump in the Chatroom and someone will try to help